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King - Finished!

Here is the picture I finished painting last week. I am pretty happy the way the purple, blue and black all work together to give a shiny coat to King.


King - Portrait Proof1

Here is portrait of King. An old client of mine commissioned me to do this portrait for her friend.

Dog named Lop

I've always admired amigurumis that looked symmetrical (or at least some what symmetrical). Mine were always uneven, lopsided, and just silly looking. I am always so "wowed " by littleyuzu'scute amigurumi. The other day littleyuzuwas so nice and showed me how she does it and to my amazement a little Lop was born! Lop is definitely the best amigurumi I have made so far! I returned the favor by giving littleyuzua bag of yuzu flavored kit kats . yum yum...

oh my goodness... I am embarrassed at how long it has been since my last post!! A few days ago I got together for a bit of crafting fun with 2 friends of my friends littleyuzu and pochacco906. They were both talking about how great and fun livejournal is so here I am! During our craft day we also watched the movie Twilight. It was my first time and we were so caught up in crocheting that I wasn't able to fully concentrate on the movie but I must say, I think I am a fan and now I want to read the books! 

Here is my latest dog painting. It is of a Great Pyrenees names Luna.
great pyrenees,dog art,dog painting

For dinner tonight I made ravioli with a mushroom filling. I got really ambitious and attempted to make the pasta sheets from scratch. I definitely need a pasta roller machine because I wasn't able to roll out the pasta sheets thin enough and so the pasta part was a bit tough. But I will be attempting to make pasta soon.   

Pugs are fun!

Pugs are fun to paint! they are actually Kathy Weller's dog. She is a GREAT pet portraiture. check out her stuff at www.kathyweller.com

Lucky the Chihuahua

Blue Lucky. She sits on her chair and rules the house.

up and running...

I am a dog painter. If you have a dog or know someone who does, or just want a cool painting, check out my website http://www.smiledoggie.com


First entry

Hello All! Welcome to SmileDoggie's journal. I am hoping to use this as a way to show my art. If you have a dog, like dogs, seen dogs, know what a dog is, you should check out my website http://www.smiledoggie.com

I will be updating this journal with progress of my paintings.